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Bank of Nova Scotia


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Corporate Statistics
Bank of Nova Scotia logo
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Bank of Nova Scotia

44 King St. West, Toronto, Canada
M5H 1H1



The last place to look for The Bank of Nova Scotia's headquarters is in Nova Scotia. Although The Bank of Nova Scotia (aka Scotiabank) was founded in that province in 1832, it moved to Toronto in 1900. One of Canada's Big Five banks (along with Royal Bank of Canada, TD Bank, Bank of Montreal, and CIBC), Scotiabank provides retail, corporate, and investment banking services worldwide. In addition to about 1,000 domestic branches, Scotiabank has more than 1,400 offices in about 50 other countries, mainly in the Caribbean and Central and South America. Services include deposit accounts, loans, insurance, brokerage, asset management, mutual funds, and trust services. [1]


[edit] Criticism

[edit] Business Ethics

  • Allegedly wrongfully withheld clients' funds on deposit: "A class action lawsuit has been filed against the Canadian bank for allegedly wrongfully withholding certain of its clients' funds on deposit. The lawsuit was filed in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice on behalf of persons who have maintained a bank account with the Bank of Nova Scotia and who have made one or more deposits into their bank account at any time between May 4th, 2001 and May 4th, 2007 and were not able to access their funds immediately upon such deposit because the bank held their funds. The lawsuit claims the bank was involved in breach of contract, breach of common law duty/agency, conversion, unjust enrichment, and negligence. The class claims the bank wrongfully withheld certain of its clients' funds, such as cheques, wire transfers, or other deposits, on deposit even after the bank had already received payment on such deposits."

[edit] Subsidiaries and Affiliates

Scotia Capital, Scotia Waterous, The Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica, Ltd., Scotiabank Puerto Rico, Scotiabank Bahamas, Ltd., Suncor Energy Inc.. article writing service

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