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The aim of is to raise awareness of corporate abuse, and to serve as a catalyst for direct action against corporate power.

Ethical Consumerism is an important movement toward corporate reform, through which individuals recognize their own role in systems of oppression, and take personal steps toward resistance and  positive change.

However, the problem of unchecked corporate power is systemic and goes far beyond the scope of any single boycot or campaign.

Once you've seen enough of Knowmore's data and familiarized yourself with our Issues section, check out our Direct Action page to get involved!



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Corporate Statistics
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34 Rue du Commandant Mouchotte, Paris France
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France's state-owned railway company, Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Français (SNCF), is still blazing a trail as the nation's primary provider of local and long-distance passenger and freight service. Passenger transportation, including both commuter trains and intercity service throughout France and into neighboring countries, accounts for the largest share of the company's sales. SNCF's Eurostar joint venture shuttles passengers between Paris and London via the Channel Tunnel, and Thalys links Paris with other European capitals. SNCF's high-speed TGV passenger trains travel at up to 350 mph. Overall, the SNCF network spans more than 30,800 km (19,100 miles) of track and about 4,000 stations. [1]


[edit] Human Rights : Racism against romanian people

"SNCF: call for informers against the Romanians"

Extracted from a Communicate of the french Human Rights League (LDH) - Toulouse. "Toulouse Section of Human Rights League has noted with astonishment that a note released by the Directorate of SNCF under the title "Security Information", dated January 25, 2010, that "concerns have been met with the Romanians", prosecuting by "In fact, many thefts of luggage were observed" and finally stating that "all facts of Romanian people must be reported to the PCNS (Security Service of the SNCF)."

link : [2]

A copy of the racist note, extracted from an article of the french internet press site ( Image:Http:// wizard height/files/affiche roumains sncf def.jpg

[edit] Business : "The Hell Train of Corruption"

"As L'Express indicates, the cartels did not only affect the structures and embankments of the TGV-Nord and Sud-Est They also concerned the placement of ballast, rails, overhead lines and construction of stations. In short, all contracts awarded by the national society"

16/06/1997 Translated from an french article of "L'Express" [3].

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